Cycling across Rajasthan with Action Against Hunger

Photo: Eric Lafforgue Flickr Creative Commons

We will endure blistering temperatures and rough terrain to cycle over 400kms across beautiful Rajasthan in just 5 days, before meeting communities supported by Action Against Hunger’s programmes.

You can support us and our fundraising efforts today by making a donation to my sponsorship page.

Every donation is hugely appreciated and will help to further the fight against hunger in over 40 countries worldwide, including India.  My work in food sustainability and food waste has helped me understand how the world is effected by our actions in the West. Particularly by the food we eat, and waste and it’s origins. I feel like we have a social responsibility to ensure that food is shared responsibly. Action Against Hunger are at the forefront of this fight and help provide aid to the people who need it most. It is a pleasure to be able to partake and help fundraise with them. Please donate generously!

India cycle

I’m particularly excited as our trailblazing India Cycle team is comprised of 25 participants, including Gizzi Erskine (Chef and Food Writer), Jose Pizarro (Jose and Pizarro), Daniel Doherty (Duck & Waffle), Sabrina Ghayour (Chef), Anna Hansen (The Modern Pantry), Mickael Weiss (Coq d’Argent) and Pascal Aussignac (Club Gascon). For a full list of our amazing challengers visit our India Cycle team page.

Action Against Hunger’s work in India

Despite its status as an economic powerhouse, India is the highest-ranking country in the world for the number of children suffering from life-threatening malnutrition, accounting for over half of all undernutrition-related child deaths worldwide. Action Against Hunger is working to help turn the tide and prevent the further loss of millions of young lives each year. Our programmes in India aim to improve the nutritional well-being of children and their families for the long term – not only to save lives, but to provide children with the nutrition they need to grow, develop and fulfil their potential.


Photo: Sanjit Das

Photo: Sanjit Das

Read more about their work in India here. 

The India Cycle takes place from 9-19 October 2014. Follow our progress on Twitter at #IndiaCycle

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You can support us and our fundraising efforts today by making a donation to my sponsorship page.

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