Feast on the Bridge

I’m very excited to be involved with the Thames Festival’s famous Feast on the Bridge this year, working with waste food charity Taste of Freedom and artist Clare Patey to produce a ‘pop-up’ called The Forgotten Restaurant. We will be situated smack bang in the middle of London on Southwark bridge where we will be working through the night to create an alfresco dining experience in the midst of the carnival.

The Forgotten Restaurant is unique not only for its interesting location but for its ingredients. We will only be using fresh and delicious ingredients sourced from food that was needlessly destined for land fill due to the problems linked with mass production and food legislation. The menu will be made up of gluts of food such as juicy ripe tomatoes that are unfit for supermarkets but make the richest and most flavourful fish stew. The theme for the Feast on the Bridge this year is fish, inspired by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s fish fight we will only be serving MSC certified fish that is not currently popular such as whiting, dab and flounder.

We will have to sittings on Saturday the 10th of September. To book your seat, buy a plate on the bridge, plates will be for sale from 12noon, get there early to avoid disappointment.

Plates cost £10 – for which you’ll get a delicious 2-course meal served to you, and you get to take the plate home with you also!

See you there!

Thomas Maxwell Hunt


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