Poco – Seasonal Tapas

Poco Broadway Market

The food at Poco is a culmination of Tom’s world food travel experiences, rolled into one of the most civilised eating and drinking traditions of the world, ‘tapas’! 

Open 7 days a week.

If you would like to make a booking in Bristol please call us on 0117 923 2233 or email pocobristol@gmail.com.

What we do

We offer a New York inspired brunch menu with eggs how you like them served on sourdough, a snappy lunch menu of vibrant salads and sourdough sandwiches with grilled fish and organic meats. Then in the evenings, we kick back and roll out a fresh seasonal selection of tapas served with British and organic wines and natural cocktails. Our tapas has our own British twist as all our fresh meat and seasonal vegetables are generally organic and sourced from Bristol and Wales.

Our ethics

All our fish is sustainably caught. We check this by using the MCS website only using fish that is graded as ‘fish to eat’. We reduce our waste however we can, through being thrifty with our delicious ingredients, buying less packaging, recycling and composting. In fact we’re aiming to reduce our waste to zero. We use local suppliers and growers for 90% of our fresh ingredients and don’t use air freighted products.

A few of our efforts

– 90% of our ingredients are sourced from the UK.

– 10% of our ingredients are imported, ethically, non air freight, from fair sources, because they are the best in the world.

– Most of our veg is from organic, local community farms within the Bristol area.

– Our imported ingredients are bought because they are the best and most ethically acclaimed in the world from suppliers we know and trust.

– All our fish is seasonal and landed in Lyme Bay using sustainable methods, agreed by the Marine Conservation Society.

– We are probably the only restaurant who have pledged to only serve fish graded as safe-to-eat by the Marine Conservation Society.

– All our fish is traceable to the name of boat and catch method.

– We ‘Weigh the Waste’ every day to monitor how much we produce and how we can reduce it, working towards being waste zero

– We recycle and up-cycle more than 90% of our refuse.

– We run campaigns for sustainable food. Through Tom’s social enterprise the Forgotten Feast we create educational dining events that highlight issues with the food system.

Sustainable Restaurant

Sustainable Restaurant

You can find more information on our sustainable practices on this BBC Food video of us here…


Causes we love & support...

Slow Food Chef Alliance Fairshare Fish Fight Friends of the Earth The Sustainable Restaurant Assosiation Action Against Hunger