Brunch chaat with carlin peas and tomatoes

Aloo Chaat

This recipe and introduction is from my new cookbook Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet. I first discovered ‘chaat’ on my travels through India, where it’s served on the streets on palm leaf plates as a delicious snack. This recipe is a take on ‘aloo chaat’. It’s similar to a potato hash, but with lots […]

Chargrilled asparagus with spring onions, polenta and tapenade

Chargrilled asparagus with spring onions

I’m sharing this asparagus recipe from my cookbook Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet in support of Veg Power a campaign to help kids eat more veg. Our little one Lyra, loves all four of the key vegetables in this dish, asparagus, spring onions, corn (polenta) and olives. If you haven’t already click my cookbook cover […]

Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is an ideology and farming practice based on many years of scientific research and agroecological farming practices such as organic, biodynamic and permaculture. Regenerative agriculture works in harmony with nature, valuing wildlife and ecology. It increases biodiversity, builds and enlivens soils, protects the land from erosion and improves our ecosystems. It also aims […]