Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is an ideology and farming practice based on many years of scientific research and agroecological farming practices such as organic, biodynamic and permaculture. Regenerative agriculture works in harmony with nature, valuing wildlife and ecology. It increases biodiversity, builds and enlivens soils, protects the land from erosion and improves our ecosystems. It also aims […]

Five seasonal pickles made with abundant and affordable roots

seasonal pickles made with abundant and affordable roots

Originally published on You can pickle just about anything from apples to snails. Pickling is an enjoyable way to make the most of a seasonal ingredient or surplus of produce you may already have in your fridge. At my restaurant Poco in Stokes Croft we preserve an excess of produce by pickling it, saving […]

Borough Market January – Rejuvenating Bone Broth

Rejuvenating Bone Broth

This blog was originally published on All good food starts with the ingredients. In this blog series I’m setting out to illustrate this by finding the best seasonal produce led by Borough Market’s traders. January is the month we are all supposed to become healthy – take up jogging, giving up sugar and alcohol. But […]