Zero Waste, Cauliflower Leaf and Floret Kimchi

Cauliflower Leaf and Floret Kimchi

Kimchi is powerful stuff and an acquired taste, however it is certainly a taste worth acquiring… Fermented kimchi contains probiotics and good bacteria that support a good gut, in turn keeping our immune system in check. It is utterly delicious served as a condiment, fried with rice, in an omelette or added to a broth to […]

Autumn / Apricot Frangipane

After incubating the ground over the summer months the sun grows soft and the wind drops a degree in temperature – signalling agriculturalists to prepare for winter. It’s now that our farmers hard work comes to fruition through an incredible variety of plant species ready for harvest. At this moment, we experience a gastronomical crossing of […]

Chocolate pot with Candied Beetroot

Chocolate pot with Candied Beetroot

CANDIED Beetroot Eat as sweets, decorate cakes or make my super rich chocolate pot. 150g unrefined sugar, 100ml water, 1 medium beetroot (about 200g) Wash the beetroot and peel if the skin is very rough. Cut into slices as thinly as you can. Boil the sugar with the water, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. […]

Salt Marsh Hogget, celeriac puree, green sauce

Salt marsh hogget is the most flavourful meat you could imagine. A hogget is a lamb that is between one and two years old – at two years it becomes mutton. An aged animal has had time to develop flavour, intensifying the meat giving it depth and complexity. Photo taken by Neil White. Recipe first […]

Clam, leek and pearl barley risotto

Clam leek and pearl barley

March is a month full of potential: signs of spring are everywhere, crocuses are in bloom and the daffs are beginning to swell. The keen forager can even find the odd spring mushroom such as a morel or St George and you can certainly buy them from a good market. St George’s are absolutely scrumptious […]

Chocolate salted rye cookies

Chocolate salted rye cookies

This recipe is adapted from Chad Robertson’s Tartine book 3. These are the best cookies I’ve ever eaten. Say no more. Ingredients – makes 20 cookies 250g chocolate 70% + (Original Beans) 30g unsalted butter The seeds from one vanilla pod (save the empty pod and add to your sugar bowl for vanilla flavoured sugar). 50g […]