Regenerative Menu Box 3

SOLD OUT To celebrate Mother’s Day and Spring, I’m cooking up a zero waste, plant-based and wheat-free Regenerative Menu Box, using recipes from my cookbook Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet. Each dish has been lovingly cooked by myself, so all you need to do is finish, plate up and enjoy! This menu is prepared using […]

Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet Out Now

Tom Hunt Book EPPP

‘Read this book and you will find inspiration, guidance and a whole bunch of bright ideas: things we can all do, right now, in order to eat well in the broadest sense.’Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall ‘It is refreshing to read a manifesto for food sustainability that starts – and finishes – with pleasure. For Tom Hunt, terms […]

One: Cut down on plastic

Cut down on plastic

In this eight-part series, I describe how to go waste-free in your own home. First up: cutting down on packaging when you shop   WHAT DOES ‘ZERO waste’ mean? Spoiler Alert! There’s no such thing as zero waste – some waste is inevitable and happens at every step of the food chain, from the farm to our forks. That […]

How to Eat Like a Chef for Under £20 a Week

I recently published an article in the Guardian called How to Eat Like a Chef for Under £20 a Week, find the article here and please share if you like it.  I usually spend around £20 a week on shopping and wanted to look further into why this was cheaper than a lot of other people I know. Not […]

Taste and Sustainability

This article was first published in Vegetarian Living’s March issue this year. Food tastes better when it’s been made with care, whether it’s a vegetable grown slowly in well maintained soil alive with microorganisms and mesofauna; mites, nematodes and springtails (the critters which help break down soil into a rich fertile humus) or a meal […]