Zero Waste, Cauliflower Leaf and Floret Kimchi

Zero Waste Kimchi

Kimchi is powerful stuff and an acquired taste, however it is certainly a taste worth acquiring…

Fermented kimchi contains probiotics and good bacteria that support a good gut, in turn keeping our immune system in check. It is utterly delicious served as a condiment, fried with rice, in an omelette or added to a broth to give it a savoury kick.

In this recipe I use a little hijiki seaweed instead of fish sauce to give the kimchi a taste of the sea. Apples and pears replace rice flour making the sauce lighter and more refreshing. Blended in my new, all powerful Vitamix Ascent A2500, to a smooth and silky puree.

Try making your own kimchi with whatever ingredients you have that need using up from carrots to cauliflower.


500g cauliflower with leaves

8 cloves garlic, peeled

1 onion, peeled, roughly chopped

1 apple, core removed, quartered

1 pear, core removed, quartered

4 tablespoons Korean chili powder or other to taste

Pinch hijiki seaweed

Sesame seeds to serve (optional)

Zero Waste Kimchi

Zero Waste Kimchi


Cut the leaf and stem off of the cauliflower. Remove the leafy parts from the stalks and cut into rough pieces. Then cut the stalks into thin slices. Cut the cauliflower stem into matchsticks and the florets into bite sized pieces. Wash everything well and drain in a colander. Massage two level teaspoons of sea salt into the mixture. Leave for 30 minutes then pour off any excess liquid.

Blend the garlic, onion, apple, pear and chilli powder to a puree with 120ml of water. Pour the garlic mixture over the greens add the hijiki seaweed and mix thoroughly. Pour into a clean tub and press down, packing it in tightly.

Eat fresh with sesame seeds on top or for the full benefits of fermentation leave at room temperature for four days until it starts bubbling and fermenting. At this point you can put it in the fridge to slow the fermentation or leave it at room temperature to continue becoming stronger.

STORAGE: Keep the kimchi in the fridge indefinitely.

Zero Waste Kimchi

Zero Waste Kimchi

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