Autumn Winter 2017-2018

I love talking about food and sustainability and make cookery demonstrations and events a priority within my work life.

Each year I tour world food, music and sustainability festivals doing cookery demonstrations, talks, and pop up restaurants. If you would like me to come to your event or festival please get in touch! If you are already at these events or would like to come along, click on the links for more information and booking details.

Autumn, Winter 2017-2018

03/10 The Restaurant Show, cooking demo and Eat More Veg panel discussion, Hotel Olympia, London

07-08/10 Derry Slow Food Festival, cooking demos, Derry, Northern Ireland

17/10 Food Waste Banquet at Refetorio Felix with Feedback, London

21/10 Dartmouth Food Festival, talk and cooking demos, Devon

Summer 2018 so far… 

16-19/08 Green Man Festival

23-26/08 Shambala Festival

Cooking demonstrations

Food and cooking are our biggest connections to nature. Our food choices make our greatest impact on the earth as individuals. Through my cooking I present questions and ideas about how we can learn to live more harmoniously with nature simply by how we eat, discussing my Root to Fruit and Zero Waste food philosophy whilst cooking up healthy and delicious food that is regenerative for ourselves and the planet.

Talks and Panel Discussions

I have a strong interest in nutritional ecology and sustainability. And have the pleasure of joining a number of talks and panels discussing climate change, food waste and sustainability as a gastronome.

Pop up Poco Cafe 

Poco festival cafe (now based in Bristol) tours the British music festivals with our posh kebab’s filled with seasonal salads and our famous huge shakshuka.

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Causes we love & support...

Slow Food Chef Alliance Fairshare Fish Fight Friends of the Earth The Sustainable Restaurant Assosiation Action Against Hunger
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