Gravad-Beetroot with blood orange, purple dulse and cacao

This recipe is a vegetarian take on gravlax which is usually made with salmon. In this case the beetroot will pickle in the gin and curing mixture instead of the salmon. The red beetroot will stain the exterior of the golden beetroot giving it a beautiful dual tone making it look very similar in appearance to a piece of fish.

Waste not: By boiling the beetroot first, then rubbing off the skin, you will keep a more vibrant colour and only remove the thinnest outer layer of skin.

Ingredients for beetroot gravlax – make 3 days in advance of the salad
2 tbsp light muscovado sugar
4 tsp sea salt flakes/rocks
2 stalks of dill, finely chopped
1 orange peel, cut into smaller pieces, keep the orange in the fridge for the salad
2 tbsp gin infused with cacao
2tbsp water
1 small red beetroot, grated
600g golden beetroot, boiled until soft, skin then removed

Ingredients for the salad – serves 4
1 blood orange
2 dill fronds, picked into large pieces (stalks used in gravlax)
1 leaf of purple dulse, soaked in warm water for 10 minutes
The gravlax’d golden beetroot
2 cocoa beans, cracked into nibs (optional)

To make the gravlax
Mix the sugar, salt, dill stalks, orange peel, gin, water and grated red beetroot in a bowl. Rub onto the surface of the cooked golden beetroots and store them together in a ceramic, earthenware or plastic container in the fridge. For the next two days turn the beetroot and shake in the curing mixture. On day three, strain off the brine squeezing out as much as you can and keep to season the salad dressing.

To make the salad
Slice the gravlax beetroot into 5mm thick rounds. Assemble the salad on each plate out of the sliced blood orange, red and golden beetroot and dulse seaweed. Sprinkle with the cacao nibs and decorate with the dill fronds. Dress with the gin curing liquor.

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