I’m Cooking Lunch at Petersham Nurseries

Sunday 13th December, 2.30pm – 5.00pm


Put two ethically minded food geniuses together: Damian Clisby and Tom Hunt, and what do you get? A special lunch at Petersham Nurseries on Sunday 13th December, inspired by simple, authentic, amazing ingredients, with all proceeds donated to the Slow Food UK Charity. This is additionally timely, as Petersham Nurseries has just been awarded “Best Slow Food London Eaterie” by the UK branch of this international following.

So, a little more about this Root to Fruit menu – The scallops are gathered by hand by Guy on the Isle of Mull. His “Ethical Shellfish Company” never sells shellfish that has been collected in a way that causes damage to the marine environment. Hand dived scallops are fished with no damage to the seabed, no waste or bycatch, and small scallops are returned alive to the sea to allow them to grow and spawn. Dive fishermen work from small boats that use very little fuel. The geese have been sourced by our meat supplier HG Walter from Judy Goodman and her award winning family farm in Great Witley, Worcestershire. Geese are hatched from April to July and are reared on an extensive free range system. The geese graze over large grass paddocks and are fed on all natural foods – grass, corn, straw and a specially prepared ration containing no additives or growth promoters.

Set within the magical environment of our intimate private glasshouse, adorned by festive decorations and seasonal flora, this lunch is really one not to be missed. Every gram of care and respect for the ingredients will be concentrated and presented to you on your plate.

Spaces are limited to 30, and at this busy time of year, book early to avoid disappointment. We invite you to join us at 2.30pm to be seated for a 3pm lunch. Tickets are £65.00 for 5 courses including a seasonal aperitif on arrival.

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