The star sustainability award for Poco

Poco has just been awarded the prestigious 3 Star Sustainable Champion Rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) for 2012. The award recognizes restaurants for their ongoing commitments to sustainability and addresses sourcing, environment and society. Of the three potential Ratings awarded by the SRA, the 3 star Sustainable Champion rating is the gold medal.  Poco was highly commended for its approach to waste reduction and recycling, its support of national charities and its efforts to increase public awareness about issues of food waste.

“The provenance of the food served at Poco is something we take seriously and it is wonderful to be recognized for the effort we put into sourcing environmentally sustainable ingredients. It’s also great to see that more and more attention is being brought to the reality of the food waste situation here in the UK. At Poco we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure our waste footprint is the lowest it can possibly be”.

A big thank you to the SRA for all the work they are doing to encourage more restaurants to step up to sustainability. And to all the staff at Poco, thank you for helping making it happen on the ground!

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Lovely vid from BBC Food online too.

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