An Alternative Valentines Banquet

“Feeling unloved? So was Tom Hunt’s meat and veg before he got his hands on it. The eco chef and food waste campaigner is back for another Forgotten Feast of foods that would have been destined for landfill”

Time out, Jude Brosnan

50% of all food ends up in the bin – so we’re creating a solution – Eat it, don’t waste it

This coming Valentines day Forgotten Feast is coming together with Trevor Beattie’s Charitable Foundation to produce an Alternative Valentines Banquet.

We will serve delicious but unloved, foods from the hoards of organic veg and meat that is often unnecessarily destined for landfill. Unexpected gastronomic gems are always discovered when sourcing food from surplus. The Forgotten Feast will delight and surprise guests with a bountiful feast at Space No.9, Shoreditch’s most exclusive venue.

All diners will sit together; it’s a banquet of lovers, friends and independents alike. Whilst food is shared, awareness will be raised of industrial food wastage – with all event proceeds helping tackle food poverty.

We believe the 20 million tonnes of annual food wastage that exists within our society is inexcusable.
The Forgotten Feast is a restaurant that supports the ugly, the unwanted and the unloved. It creates an unforgettable celebration of taste that centres itself on the use of wild and seasonal foods, surplus foods and foods that have been forgotten or ignored by the modern world. Trevor Beattie’s, The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation advocates the forgotten and overlooked. They actively support initiatives tackling food shortage through their grant schemes.

The Proceeds from every ticket sold will go towards tackling food waste and relieving food poverty.

 “The phrase ‘unwanted food’ has always troubled us. Can there really be such a thing? Teaming up with the amazing eco chef, Tom Hunt led us to a far more appropriate expression: ‘unloved food’. It was also the perfect start-point for our Alternative Valentines Banquet”.

Trevor Beattie
Tickets go on sale January 16th at the Early bird special rate of £35 a head.
Tickets include a 3-course gourmet feast a welcome cocktail, a live DJ and karaoke provided by Lucky Voice.

TO BOOK TICKETS: Please visit

An Alternative Valentines Banquet
14th February 2013

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