Christmas Leftovers – Brussel Colcannon

Brussel sprouts aren’t everyone’s favourite vegetable. Maybe thats why they’re neglected, lack the love they deserve and are always overcooked. So it’s no surprise that we’re usually left with piles of khaki coloured greens at the end of our festive feasts.

Colcannon is usually made with kale, but your leftover brussels will make a thrifty alternative. If you have any ham or bacon leftover then that will make a nice edition to add a bit of Christmas indulgence.


Boiled brussel sprouts, sliced
Equal amount of mashed potato, creamed with butter and milk
Chopped parsley (optional)
Ham/Bacon sliced into lardons


Gently fry the brussels and ham to warm through. Add the mashed potato and gently warm (but don’t fry) with oil. Finish by mixing in the chopped parsley and serve with a fried egg.

Chef’s note: If you don’t want overcooked brussels, cut the roots as you normally would but don’t score the bottom. Put on a big pan of salted water. When the rest of your meal is ready, plunge them into the water for 3-5 minutes depending on their size. Pull them out and dress them with a little butter. Serve immediately with a crunch.

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