3 Pinchos – Canapes

Pincho literally means ‘spike.’ Normally skewered with a toothpick, it is eaten as tapas in northern Spain. I like my pinchos to be an intense burst of flavour, eaten in one mouthful. This gives the chef control that they might not normally have to create interesting combinations of flavours that can be experienced in one go.

Roasted quince with Manchego

Cut your quince into small wedges. Oil, season and roast until caramelised and soft. Skewer with a piece of Manchego cheese.

Skewer of smoked mussel with bacon, apple and curd cheese

Smoked mussels are utterly delicious, full of flavour and have a long shelf life. Simply skewer a slice of apple with some curd cheese spread on top with a 3 cm piece of grilled, streaky bacon or pancetta and a smoked mussel.

Grilled Jerusalem artichoke with hazelnut crumbs and truffle oil

Gnarly Jerusalem artichokes are nutty and an exotic treat for the sparse winter. A tiny drop of truffle oil goes well with this autumnal pinchos. Slice the artichoke lengthways 5 mm thick, brush with oil, season and grill each side for 4 minutes. Crush hazelnuts and sprinkle over the top with the tiniest drop of truffle oil.

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