Forgotten Fish Supper Club and Sustainable Fish Class

Captain Olszewski and I are joining forces to start a supper club aboard the Volharding, a beautiful sailing barge built in 1890. Our premier event will be held on Saturday, 13th October as a fundraiser for Action Against Hunger.

We start at 5 pm. the evening will involve fish skills, cookery demos, a huge shared supper and free recipes to take home with you.

To book one of our 8 spots Click Here, with each place booked you will receive a free recipe and Cleo sourdough.

I used to do cookery demonstrations on the River Cottage fish course. Recently I’ve been interested in fish sustainability and so I wanted to bring this to a supper club. This supper club and sustainable fish class is a must for all aspiring cooks with a love for seafood.

Starting the evening on deck, we’ll identify and prepare a spread of fresh fish and crustaceans. We’ll learn how to fillet, shuck, gut, bone, salt, cure, smoke and, of course, feast. Fillets and molluscs in hand, we will then head to the galley to cook a series of my recipes. When all our food is prepared we’ll relax and sit at the Captains table for a delicious 3 course dinner.

Here is our Forgotten Fish menu which we will be learning how to make and feasting upon

On deck

Oysters with lemon

Ceviche of red signal cray fish, cockle and dab

 In the Galley 

Pilchards smoked on the boat with samphire and preserved lemon on cleo toasts

At the Captains table

Cockle linguine

Whole salt roast 3 kg fish chosen on the day at Billingsgate, fresh organic salad and tomatoes

Blackberries and ice cream

All the proceeds from the event will go to Action Against Hunger, a non-governmental organisation that is committed to fighting hunger worldwide. Even better news is that the UK government will be matching your donations for this event pound for pound!

If your feeling particularly keen, come and join us at Billingsgate market at 5.45 am, where we will select our fish. Expect to leave from your evening on the Volharding happy and full of food, inspiration, and knowledge.

Early bird tickets £65 – all proceeds donated to Action against hunger


Learn how to gut and descale fish and prepare squid

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