Onglet Steak with Herbs

I advise you to drop whatever you’re doing, track down a good butcher that stocks this desirable cut, and light the barbecue now while the sun is out.

Onglet, or hanger steak, is a little known cut of beef that has been savoured in France for years.
It is often ignored by chefs in the UK and left for the butchers pocket. I was shocked to find out that it gets thrown into the mincer for pasties, barmy! It seems that even some of our butchers are clueless about the identity and location of this marvelous cut. The first butcher I went to tried to sell me a skirt steak and said, “Make sure you cook it well done.”

Onglet has a loose grain that is very tender, but only if it’s served rare. If you like your steak well done it would be best to braise the cut for a long time.

Waste not: Onglet has a tendon that runs through the centre which is hard to remove. Ask your butcher to trim it for you. Save the trimmings to render down into dripping.

Ingredients – Serves 4

1 onglet, trimmed and cut into four
Herbs (I used marjoram, but all herbs are delicious served with beef)
Salt and pepper
Olive oil


Marinade the meat for 1 hour before you would like to eat it. Grab a liberal bunch of herbs, bruise them with your hands and rip them up. Season the meat heavily with the salt, pepper and herbs and drizzle with olive oil. Rub into the meat and leave at room temperature.

Light your barbecue.

When the coals are white and searingly hot, and all your accompaniments are ready, place your steaks on the griddle. Sear each side for 2 minutes at the most. Then transfer your steaks to a warm plate to rest for 4 minutes before serving. When eating the steak, cut across the grain to ensure that it’s at its most tender.

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