How – Sustainable food

The sustainable food mantra – Local, Seasonal, Organic

Buy Local – Not just from a local grocery but check where the ingredients themselves have been grown. This cuts down on food miles, storage, processing and packaging.

Provenance – If your shop can provide you with the origins of their produce they will be able to provide you with information as to how it was farmed and how far it has travelled.

Seasonal – The energy that was used to grow the food ie. grown in poly tunnels as a pose to hydroponically or transported from another country

Organic and GM free – Natural farming methods have a positive impact on the soil, through organic farming methods soil can be kept fertile without the use of fertilizers that strip the soil of its goodness.

Thrift – Use every last morsel of food that you buy, keep leftovers, ask for a doggy bag, be imaginative with ingredients…. leftover soup, stocks and trimmings.

Say no to packaging – Buy products that have no unnecessary packaging. This uses resources unnecessarily.
Boycott supermarkets – Supermarkets produce a huge amount of waste at all levels of production, where possible buy direct from farmers markets and grocery stores.

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