The Life of a Loaf

7 Ways To Use A Loaf Throughout Its Life

Bread is a product that we expect to buy uber fresh. It’s almost seen as our right as a human being. Gastronomically there is nothing better than walking into a bakery that’s pulling fresh loaves out the oven. Even thinking about it is sending me into a dreamy state, cracking open a fresh croissant or loaf that’s still warm is my idea of heaven. This does however give the baker a problem, with out the aid of a time machine, having to guess how many loaves might be sold each day is not easy. It is not in the interest of the baker to let there bread run out half way through the day so they have to overstock. Even an artisan baker produces an abundance of fresh bread each day. The baker can then sell their loaves at a cheaper price or freeze them, but they will often reject this idea as they don’t want to supply their bread in an inferior state.
The only correct thing for the bakeries to do is donate their surplus to soup kitchens and people that need it most.

Commercially produced sliced bread, stays fresh for a certain amount of days but essentially it deteriorates in quality and then moulds. Sourdough however increases in flavour after a couple of days and then drys out slowly. This is why I think sourdough is the answer! As a sourdough ages it becomes suited to specific dishes depending on its consistency. For instance a really dry sourdough is delicious dissolved into soups. If the bread is dry and at the end of its life after several days it can be made into croutons or migas (a deep fried Spanish crouton served as the main starch to a meal) or finally breadcrumbs.

Here are some examples of what can be done with a loaf throughout its life….

One Loaf 7 Days 7 Recipe ideas
(click on the recipe if it is highlighted)

Day 1 – Bread and butter
Day 2 – Grilled sardines with gremolata and bone marrow toasts
Day 3 – Devilled kidneys on toast
Day 4 – Pigs Liver Bruschetta
Day 5 – Ribollita, a traditional Tuscan soup made with leftovers
Day 6 – Panzanella, Tomato salad with sourdough croutons
Day 7 – Brain food

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