Feeding the 5000 launch in the House of Lords with Tristram Stuart and FareShare

Yesterday morning was spent in Fareshares kitchen preparing canapes for the feeding the 5000 launch party in the House of Lords. The purpose of the launch party was to enlist businesses and corporations into addressing there food waste and give them solutions for how that can be done.
I was asked to come along and cook up a feast of canapes using food that would have gone to landfill. Highlighting the sheer criminality of wasting perfectly good food!
Eloise Day and Emily Elgar of ‘The Forgotten Feast’ sourced the stranger of the ingredients requests such as the brains and sausages from UK Farm Feeds. The rest was collected by Fareshare.

Here is the menu, click on the dishes for the recipe.. if it isn’t available yet I will gladly reply to your email with a recipe.

Brain food
Fish Head croquettas
Miss fit veg with skip dip babaganush
Stale toasts with watercress and lentil salsa and Fareshare mozzarella
Wild boar wastages with mustard
Windfall tatin

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