Forgotten Restaurant: Feast on the Bridge

Feast on the bridge was tremendous! A big shout out to all thoseinvolved and attending. All the chefs had so much fun preparing the feast.

We received an amazing variety of produce that was destined for the bin. Veggies very kindly donated by Abel and Cole box scheme, fresh organic cucumbers and salad from my friend Edwin, and a huge bag of damsons and windfall apples very kindly posted to us from Wales by Val.

We all colaborated in the kitchen to create the menu below.

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  • Grilled sardine fillets with gremolata and preserved lemons on bone marrow toast
  • Mixed ceviche with beetroot leaves on chicory
  • Forgotten fish stew with cured pigs head bacon and Thames cray fish
  • Char-grilled lost seafood platter with rock samphire, roasted fennel, garlic and spinach (pouting, whiting, megrim sole, mackerel, dab)
  • Glut salad of miss-fits chargrilled courgettes and baby leeks with tarragon and roasted carrots with cumin
  • Sourdough Bread from the Brockwell bake (made from hand threshed wheat)

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