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Tom Hunt is an award-winning chef, food writer, climate change activist and author of The Natural Cook.

He prioritises people and the environment within his work and believes in a world with a fair global food system where our actions benefit other people and nature. Tom works to protect biodiversity and promote equality by raising awareness about the issues affecting our food system whilst empowering people and businesses to act responsibly through his consultancy, collaborations, food writing, presenting and events.

In response to the global food waste scandal, Tom has developed an holistic approach to food called Root to Fruit Eating that educates and enables everyone from home cooks to industry chefs to tackle climate change through the food they cook and eat.

Root to Fruit Eating is based on three core principles:


Find out more about Root to Fruit Eating on the Sustainability page.

Food Writer

Tom is based in London and works as a food and sustainability writer for magazines and newspapers. He has a weekly food waste column in The Guardian and a column in Vegetarian Living, Foodism, Jellied Eel and Liz Earle magazine. Tom’s articles and recipes also appear elsewhere including The Telegraph, Foodism, Olive Magazine and many others. .

Sustainability Consultant

Tom’s work in the food industry and charity sector over the last 20 years has naturally led to a career in sustainability consultancy. He works closely with charitable organisations including The Fairtrade Foundation, Slow Food, Plan Zheroes and Action Against Hunger as well as with brands dedicated to sustainability such as National Geographic, Sainsbury’s, the Bankside Hotel and restaurant Lilley and Skinner.

Award Winning Restaurant Owner – Poco Tapas Bar

In 2004 Tom founded his festival cafe Poco which has grown into a multi-award-winning restaurant. In its opening year Poco was awarded Sustainable Restaurant of the Year by The Sustainable Restaurant Association. Poco practices Root to Fruit Eating: it is 100% seasonal and aims to produce zero waste by recycling and composting everything.

Food Waste and Sustainability Campaigner

In 2011 Tom founded the Forgotten Feast – a campaign promoting sustainable food through dining and celebration. Forgotten Feast creates banquets with food waste and/or topical ingredients, working closely with charitable organisations including FareShare and Foodcycle, highlighting important concerns in the food industry.

Food Presenter and River Cottage Chef

During his formative years Tom worked with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as a course leader, cook and food stylist at River Cottage HQ and on the River Cottage TV series. This was the beginning of his career demonstrating and presenting. Tom is currently producing and presenting short cooking videos and is a contributor to many food events. 

In recent years Tom has cooked alongside eminent piers such chefs Dan Barber, Francis Mallmann and Skye Gyngell on projects and events.


“ Tom is indeed a natural cook. His recipes are fresh, zesty and full of charming surprises…”

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall


Tom Hunt, Dan Barber, WastED Selfridges, London

Describing the Root to Fruit ethos behind my dish and the inspiration Dan Barber has given me.

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